Rise and shine, Tiki adventurers! Step aboard to experience the NEW Tiki Breakfast BBQ. Book now and enjoy a 10% discount on your boat rental when you rent a boat including a BBQ breakfast!

– Available Sailing Dates and Booking Deadline: Until June 30th, 2024
– Only valid on boats that depart before 10 AM
– Not valid in combination with the Tiki love boat special

Claim your discount by using code TIKIBREAKFAST10 when booking!

American BBQ Breakfast

coffee and tea, 2 eggs, bbq sausage, bacon, pancakes, bread, hash brown, tomato, onion, jelly, syrup, powdered sugar, mayo and ketchup

(USD 15,-)

French BBQ Breakfast

coffee and tea, 2 eggs, bacon, cheese, pancakes, buns, croissant, tomato, onion, jelly, syrup, powdered sugar, mayo and ketchup

(USD 15,-)

Tiki Boats BBQ'S

Looking for an unforgettable outdoor BBQ experience? Look no further! Rent a COBB Barbecue and BBQ on board your Private Tiki Boat! For just $20, you can rent our COBB Barbecue kit, complete with cobblestones, torch, plates, cutlery, cups, napkins, pepper, salt, and cleaning supplies. It’s everything you need for hassle-free grilling!

Choose from our mouthwatering BBQ Breakfast grill platter options to complete your outdoor breakfast, brunch or lunch experience!


Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Mimosa, Bag of ice Small / Large, Bottle of water, Royal club Soda, Royal Club GingerAle, Royal Club Tonic, Royal Club Cassis, Royal club Bitter Lemon, Lipton Ice Tea (Green / Lemon/ Peach and Sparkling), Coca Cola (Zero and Regular), Sprite, Fanta Orange/Lemon/Exotic. Orange and Apple Juice

Brasa Beer, Polar Beer, HardSeltzer (Sodka) Grapfruit/Lime/PineApple, Red Merlot Wine, Pinot Grigio, Blush Wine, Pinot Grigio White Wine, Cava Wine demi Sec, Prosecco Picollo (mix with juice for you Mimosa 😉 )